vg-checkbox Let's do this! I am ready to get jump head first into the most comprehensive introductory course online for FumeFX for Maya! I want to learn to create fire, smoke, explosions, and take my FX to the next level with the #1 fluids tool out there, the same tool used in pretty much every big Hollyood blockbuster to create all of the mind blowing visual effects seen on the big screen!

I’m ready, and willing to make the commitment to myself to not just buy another one of those training DVD’s and skim through it. But thoroughly go through the fundamental curriculum supplied, but also apply it and continue to apply it and watch it over and over again until it SINKS IN! I want to take what I know about visual effects, whether I’m a beginner in this area, or a seasoned veteran, and expand my knowledge into mastering FumeFX and mastering VFX inside of Maya!

I know there are all the advanced subjects also supplied on this DVD as a bonus, such as the BONUS Effectors videos, and also the retiming, post processing, optimizations and Wavelet turbulence subjects and a whole heap of other cool videos I will only watch once I have gone through all of the core videos first!

And when I’m done watching this video for the 100th time and I now know all there is to know about FumeFX, and creating amazing mind blowing FX in Maya! I plan on staying in touch with Allan McKay throughout all of this, I understand that he will be sending additional videos and other cool content and personally staying touch through my journey and helping me personally better myself and expand my skillset with FumeFX Maya Genesis!

Table of Contents
  • Installation
  • Introduction to Fluids
  • Fire Fundamentals
  • Fuel 101
  • Boundless
  • Blocking
  • Loops
  • Explosions
  • Void
  • BONUS Dry Ice Lesson
  • Wavelet Turbulence
  • Post Processing + Retiming
  • RenderWarps
  • N-Sim
  • BONUS Large Scale Smoke Sims
  • Undering REAL Dissipation Fundamentals
  • Particle Advection
  • BONUS Effectors Dissipation
  • BONUS Effectors Skull
About Author

Allan McKay is a season veteran in the industry with nearly 20 years experience working for Industrial Light + Magic, Blur Studio, Ubisoft, Activision and many others. Some of his film credits include The Last Airbender, Looper, Transformers 3, Flight, Superman, Blade Trinity, Metallica, 2012 and many more.

Awarded as an Autodesk Master and Emmy award winner


What Genesis provides

  • Full Instant Access to FumeFX Maya Genesis Video Suite with over 21 videos
  • Introductory content to get you up to speed quickly. From installing FumeFX to all of the core principals of creating your Fluid Simulations
  • Every key feature of FumeFX thoroughly covered
  • Advanced BONUS subjects covering more advanced features of FumeFX and industry tips and tricks to give you the best training for working in FumeFX on high profile film and game productions FAST!
  • Clear steps that are both easy to follow and ‘over informative’ so nothing is ever not clear.
  • You will gain access to members only content that will be sent to you and EXCLUSIVELY TO YOU that the non-members will never receive. This is in the way of industry advice, advanced videos, bonus scene files, presets and FX tools.
  • Knowing which FX approach to use and where is important in visual effects, also knowing how to optimize your fluid simulations to get fast results without wasting valuable production time (and money).
  • Utilizing wavelets and effectors and other more advanced features to add amazing amounts of detail and quality to your simulations not before achievable, and total control over your simulations not possible before!
  • Know what to avoid and common ‘gotchas’ that slow down your fluid simulations and cause problematic errors that can typically get artists ‘stuck’ during production. Learn to avoid these and approach everything optimally, the first time.
  • Bonus Fume dun Quick! Video which goes over all key features and process of FumeFX thoroughly in a compressed timeline of 2 hours, for those who need to get up to speed FAST with Fume – watch this video alone and you’ll be ready to start using FumeFX on movies and actual shots in just a couple of hours!
  • FumeFX is the #1 fluids solution for Hollywood films, by learning directly from an industry veteran who works daily in the visual effects industry at some of the leading studios worldwide, you can gain direct hands on experience being mentored through this training suite of videos – using his techniques, experience and his style of making FumeFX simulations and film visual effects
  • Make killer effects and learn from the ground up how to be an FX artist and develop amazing fluid simulations!


For the price of a dinner out or a few drinks with friends, you can stay in and have a training course that will raise the level of where you’re at and give you months of enjoyment while teaching you the necessary skills and knowledge to position yourself uniquely ahead of the rest in the race to securing the high in demand visual effects jobs out there.. I teach you direct knowledge that will give you the core grounding necessary to excel in FumeFX for Maya

Order Information

FumeFX Maya Genesis Training Suite $97.00

Upon purchasing you will have instant access to a download link to receive the DVD online





FumeFX Core Fundamentals for 3DS Max

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